10 Tips To Survive A Hiatus

It has happened to al of us We're watching our favorite T.V. show. The credits roll. Then the dreaded message... "(Enter Show Here) will return on (some dreadfully distant date)" What? No! Now what are we supposed to do? Fear not! Here are 10 ways to help both you and your sanity survive the hiatus. … Continue reading 10 Tips To Survive A Hiatus


“The Flash” S03E17: Duet Vlog

Hello Flash fans and welcome to my first ever vlog for CW’s “The Flash”. Today I’ll be discussing the Flash/Supergirl musical crossover event titled “Duet.” https://youtu.be/P-RZQVUnH3c There are major spoilers ahead so proceed with caution. I’d just like to start out by saying what an incredible episode. What an incredible cast. You’ve got the whole … Continue reading “The Flash” S03E17: Duet Vlog